AMA Press Release 02-09-18


Arklow Music & Arts Group (AMA) is on the crest of a wave at the moment with the announcement of not one but two “Black Box” style theatre venues for the town of Arklow, aptly named as “Asgard Theatre I” and “Asgard Theatre II”, the latter named after the town’s most famous boat. With huge excitement mounting within the group, the creation of new venues will enhance not only Arklow’s artistic landscape but also bring benefit to the local economy.  As a group AMA hopes to aid the town’s upward progression, attracting extra business as a rising tide lifts all.

While AMA has not succeeded in its primary objective, to secure a dedicated theatre and performance arts space, the decision to proceed with “Black Box” initiatives will afford AMA the opportunity to create intimate venues hosting regular events.  AMA also hopes to put Arklow back on the map and restore its reputation as a destination for top class entertainment. Older generations will fondly remember Arklow shining as a beacon of musical light, on the national circuit, with venues like “The Entertainment Centre” and “The Ormonde Hall” attracting top class entertainment and bringing in essential revenue to the local economy.  AMA is already excited to have attracted the interest of an international act, with a view to performing in the new theatre when it opens.

Recently Arklow Music & Arts put the call out to business owners, for anyone with a potential site willing to donate it for free to come forward and get in touch and were delighted to receive two generous offers, each site offering something unique to the experience AMA hopes to provide.

AMA would like to extend gratitude to Declan Kenny from The Harbour Bar, and Noleen Davenport from The Midway, for their generous support and use of their premises for this new venture to help showcase the huge talent and potential in Arklow.

The group is now in a position to move forward and in the months ahead will plan, publish and promote its opening programme of events. 

Making waves on another level is a sponsor who has approached the group with a view to being involved with this wonderful opportunity and venture.

AMA will extend an invitation to our many local performers and groups who are interested in being a part of our grand opening weekend of events, to submit their expression of interest in taking part (date yet to be confirmed) in the weeks ahead.  Please contact any committee member for further details which will appear on AMA’s website – – and on the AMA Facebook page.

Posted September 2 2018