Show The World You're Going To Arklow!

The punchy calling, taken from The Elders' song of the same name, "Going to Arklow" has now been immortalised forevermore with the introduction of that must-have necessity, the fridge magnet.

Where'er you reside, across the globe, you can now traverse the interstate, the highways and byways, or even across mountain peaks, with your bumper declaring  you're "Going to Arklow" (designed by Tom Lovell).

You can also obtain a fabulous photo capture of The Elders, signed by the band themselves (photo credit, Kathy Bottorff Stockbridge, Flashback Photography).

AMA committee member Brian Greenstreet confirmed, "with every $25 donation you will receive a 'Going to Arklow' magnet; and with a $50 donation you will receive a signed poster of The Elders in action."

The Elders in action live!

Donations can be made here - and it goes without saying, all your donations are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to everyone!


Posted, February 22 2019