September 28 2019 | Sing From The Heart - Mindfulness and Singing Workshop

Enjoy a day of mindfulness practice & movement combined with vocal work, song and breathing technique designed to release your true voice and enhance your singing potential. Facilitated by Choral Conductor and Voice Teacher, Anthony Norton and Mindfulness Trainer and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Ann Bracken.

An ideal workshop for all those who delight in singing any genre either alone, in groups or choirs. The workshop is ideal for those with previous experience or none - it is not necessary to have experience in either mindfulness or singing.

“The Mindfulness and Singing day course was a full success! 
Wonderful inward looking awareness in body scan and sensing your voice as well as gorgeous sound filled with abandon and joy!” 
– A Roswitha-Power

Mindfulness is...

".. paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally. This kind of attention nurtures greater awareness, clarity and acceptance of present-moment reality" John Kabat Zinn

This workshop combines the skills of mindfulness and breath awareness with song and vocal exercises to:

Learn how to improve your skills in breathing, sound production, posture, memory and concentration by integrating elements of both the art of singing and the art of being mindful .

Breathwork to support, project and strengthen your tone.

Release your creative voice by focusing on the now and letting go of any inner critic.

Noticing and overcoming any performance nerves for a more fulfilling performance experience.

Deepen your connection to your 'felt sense' - body sensations & awareness.

Develop a broader awareness; to feel more in the 'flow' with songs and the intention behind the music.

Previous participants said…

“Your experience, training, hard work and love of what you do came through so calmly, joyfully and passionately – thank you.”

“Really great fun day – Thank you”

“An excellent workshop – Thank you”

“The environment allowed one to let go and not be afraid”

“Fantastic value for money”

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Posted July 24, 2019.