A Letter From America

For many years now, Kansas city based band The Elders have toured Ireland, and bringing with them an increasing number of US based fans, who get the best of both worlds - being able to tour around Ireland, appreciate the many sights and wonders.....the odd pint or ten of Guinness......and end their evenings enjoying the live experience of The Elders doing what they do best.

If it was a chemical formula.....it'd be up there!

However, far be it from us at AMA (Arklow Music and Arts) to hammer home a point, a belief long held by those of us who have sprung lifelong friendships with some of these US based Elders fans who year in year out return to our shores, and call Arklow their second home.....

These guys see ALL the sights, the obvious callings - y'know......Giants Causeway up North; Cliffs of Moher over west, in Clare, and the obvious beauty of Kerry and elsewhere.

Yet, so often we hear their voice, about Arklow, and its people.

What we reproduce here, is a correspondence received by one such visitor, who availed of Arklow's finest hospitality on the most recent Elders tour of Ireland.

"Hello. We were just on the Elders' tour.  I wanted to thank you for hosting us .  Arklow was the absolute favorite stop of the trip for the majority of us.  We appreciate your hospitality. 

I was also wondering if you had a page or link I could share to help raise awareness and possibly money for your new theater?

I have quite a few contacts that feel strongly about the Arts.

Thank you again." 


Posted October 29, 2017.