Living in fast moving modern times with instant access to information and facts, Gabby Brady chooses to be well shocked by the truth behind World leaders using Peace and War as tools for power gaining, cheating Bankers, and bad management of our planet.

Live performances of songs like “Perpetual State”, "Lotta Rain”, "Change In The Sky”, "Dakota" and “No Protocol" , alongside the recently released "Hell Is Empty", testify to Gabby's dissention on corruption, both local and global.  Some of the above are on Gabby's debut album, "Talk Horse", recorded with the ubiquitous "Dublin City" in 2016. "Talk Horse" received a very positive review in Hot Press magazine, in August 2017.  Live performances are also imbued with tales, rants, and stories pertain to his songs origins and song crafting. 

Current releases from Gabby, two EP’s, "Change In The Sky" and “Hell Is Empty" are enjoying good sales and airplay at home and abroad.  The latter, "Hell Is Empty", is a lyrically strong and passionate 'anti-war' song, featuring stunning vocals from Leslie Dowdall, of In Tua Nua fame, and now enjoying a highly successful solo singer-songwriter career.  This EP also received an excellent review in Hot Press. 

This show is much anticipated by fans from far and near and with some special guests, including internationally acclaimed Harmonica player and Saxophonist, Eamonn Murray, renowned for work with Clannad.  This show promises to be a cracker. 

Tickets can be purchased soon via the website of our  partner, shopfirebrand