November 15 2019 | Further Ted! Joe Rooney & Patrick McDonnell

Further Ted is a show that brings two of the most memorable characters from Father Ted together for a night of stand-up and musical comedy and a chance to compete in a "Lovely Girls" competition. You don't have to be a girl to enter and the winner gets a romantic candle lit night in for one, a luxury cruise in a boat of your own making and a full set of bespoke rubber gloves.

Joe Rooney (Father Damo) and Patrick McDonnell (Eoin McLove) are renowned stand-up comedians with a unique take on Irish society. Expect improvised audience interaction and musical comedy. The comical duo are stalwarts of the Irish comedy scene who never fail to put on a unique and hilarious night of comedy. 

“If they don’t get their own TV show at the end of the run, there is something very wrong with the world”  - The Scotsman

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Posted September 19, 2019.


November 9 2019 | The 4 Of Us

The 4 Of Us have been a steadfast part of Irish music history for over a quarter of a century.

Formed and fronted by Newry-born brothers Brendan and Declan Murphy, they have developed a unique musical identity which has produced original and award-winning recordings, as well as a large and loyal fan base.

The 4 Of Us shot to early fame towards the end of 1989 with their debut Songs for the Tempted, which featured the massive hits Mary and Drag My Bad Name Down. The follow-up Man Alive made Q magazine’s prestigious Top 50 Albums of 1992 and included the UK Top 30 song She Hits Me.

The 4 Of Us were recently listed No.7 in TV3’s ‘Top 10 Best Irish Bands Of All Time’, and to date, the Murphy brothers have notched up an enviable catalogue of timeless songs, including six top 20 Irish charting albums. Their music has also been featured extensively on American, UK, and Irish TV soundtracks.

Sugar Island, the latest album by The 4 Of Us, explores the brothers’ early years growing up in Northern Ireland; musically, it focuses on the trademark interplay of their acoustic guitars.

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November 8 2019 | Lua McIlraith - Growing Old (Dis)Gracefully

Songwriter, actress, and singer Lua McIlraith takes a riotous look at ageing in her one-woman show ‘Growing Old (Dis)Gracefully’.

Has your sex drive taken a bit of a dip as you age? Or what about your constant battle with the scales? And how are you managing with babysitting those ‘modern’ grandkids?

If any of those issues strike a chord with you, then you’re on the same page as Dublin-based Lua McIlraith, who has written a one-woman show called Growing Old (Dis)Gracefully, featuring “a riotous look in song” at the perils of ageing.

The material for her lyrics is taken from her own life and that of her friends and she compiled the show, she says, because “there was absolutely nothing out there relevant to older people, that wasn’t utterly negative”.

The 75-year-old amateur songwriter, singer, and actress blasts all that negativity away when she takes to the stage, striking a high note in more ways than one, with her original fun commentary on the ups and downs of what American octogenarian actress Jane Fonda calls the ‘Third Act of Life’. Her song ‘The Libido Blues’, for instance, is self-explanatory, she says wryly. And when it comes to the number called the ‘Diet Song’, many would empathise no doubt, with her own battle with the bulge.

“As I say in my show, when I go to my doctor and say I’m comfortably cuddlesome, she says ‘no, you’re obese’,” laughs Lua, who admits to currently being “on one of those diets — yet again,” for the benefit of her arthritic knees.

Despite the knees and high blood pressure, she is otherwise a bundle of energy, as seen in the creativity and stamina it takes to not only write the music and lyrics for a show, but to stand up alone in front of an audience under the heat of the spotlight.

She is quick to point out she is not totally alone and pays tribute to her pianist Pauline Lennon and friend Aileen Byrne, stage manager. “People are really enjoying it and I don’t have any trouble filling the venues. I like to stage it in small theatres of around 100, so it doesn’t lose its intimacy.”

It’s obvious her energy is instead focussed on her passions and her sense of fun, which of course includes taking a poke at her ageing self, but also at some of her peers who “don’t have any interest in things, who should be out there doing things and going places, but who just go ‘ah, I couldn’t be bothered.’”

She wholeheartedly embraces the maxim that laughter is the best medicine: “If you can have a good laugh every day it will stave off depression. So I try and find as many fun things as I can during the day; sometimes even looking at the jokes on Facebook, you just get a great laugh. So I’m always looking for something not to make fun of, but to turn into fun.

“Life is too short and you’re only here for such a short time; make the most of it!”

Tickets for this event will be available shortly, at Plain and Pearl on Arklow's Lower Main Street, and also at the Arklow RNLI Lifeboat Station.

Posted September 16, 2019.

November 16 2019 | Gabby Brady with Special Guests

Living in fast moving modern times with instant access to information and facts, Gabby Brady chooses to be well shocked by the truth behind World leaders using Peace and War as tools for power gaining, cheating Bankers, and bad management of our planet.

Live performances of songs like “Perpetual State”, "Lotta Rain”, "Change In The Sky”, "Dakota" and “No Protocol" , alongside the recently released "Hell Is Empty", testify to Gabby's dissention on corruption, both local and global.  Some of the above are on Gabby's debut album, "Talk Horse", recorded with the ubiquitous "Dublin City" in 2016. "Talk Horse" received a very positive review in Hot Press magazine, in August 2017.  Live performances are also imbued with tales, rants, and stories pertain to his songs origins and song crafting. 

Current releases from Gabby, two EP’s, "Change In The Sky" and “Hell Is Empty" are enjoying good sales and airplay at home and abroad.  The latter, "Hell Is Empty", is a lyrically strong and passionate 'anti-war' song, featuring stunning vocals from Leslie Dowdall, of In Tua Nua fame, and now enjoying a highly successful solo singer-songwriter career.  This EP also received an excellent review in Hot Press. 

This show is much anticipated by fans from far and near and with some special guests, including internationally acclaimed Harmonica player and Saxophonist, Eamonn Murray, renowned for work with Clannad.  This show promises to be a cracker. 

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October 31 2019 | Moxie Strings

Hailed by The Grand Rapids Press as “top-notch, instrumental wizardry,” The Moxie Strings offer listeners the unique opportunity to experience some of the world’s best- known instruments through an electric, innovative lens. Diana Ladio and Alison Lynn hold Bachelor of Music degrees in music performance and music education, which have given each the technical foundation to explore the limits of her instrument and helped the group build a reputation for musical excellence. Alison performs on a newly-invented, electric cello, and Diana on a contemporary 5-string violin. Both use a variety of audio effects pedals. The Moxie Strings compose the majority of their pieces and arrange melodies from many countries, resulting in a genre-blurring blend of ear-catching, mainstream melodies and foot-stomping, rock-influenced rhythms. The band’s polished, high-energy show continues to redefine strings’ role in contemporary music, and offers audience members a diverse, fun, musical experience. The two often join forces with dynamic percussionists to create an even livelier sound for larger venues. 

Soon after forming in 2007, The Moxie Strings were inspired not only to perform, but also to teach. Having made the exploratory journey from classical music to a world of eclecticism and music creativity, the band has now dedicated their careers to helping young musicians make this life-changing and transformative transition. Moxie clinics focus on musical self-discovery and the importance of incorporating socially and culturally relevant genres of music in the music classroom. They have taught clinics in over 200 schools throughout the US, and also present on their research and methodologies to teachers at many music education professional development conferences. During most clinics, The Moxie Strings perform for students on electric instruments, teach music by ear, and introduce non-classical playing styles. The group has researched and created an innovative sequence of activities designed to introduce improvisation to classically trained musicians, which they employ at every clinic. The Moxie Strings deliver their message in a fun, accessible way, and stand before students as the illustration of the many opportunities that music holds. 

Current Magazine insists that “the future of music could not be in better hands.”

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October 20 2019 | Adams and Staats

ADAMS (Brandon Lee):  "Brandon Adams is the real deal when it comes to bluegrass and true country music. A clear heartfelt singer  with strong original songs, and an excellent guitarist." - Peter Stone Brown
A singer/songwriter and guitarist very much of the Tony Rice school and hailing from the hills of Appalachia, Brandon Lee Adams traces his musical roots from traditional gospel music all the way to folk, jazz, and blues, but it is bluegrass and acoustic music that have had, & continue to have, the deepest impact on him.

"Brandon is a beast of a guitarist." - Carl Jackson

An up-and-coming artist he may be, but Adams has already appeared on two GRAMMY-nominated albums and one IBMA award-winning album (the Skaggs Family Records double CD Celebration of Life). He played the Ryman Auditorium as a teenager and has recorded and/or shared the stage with a Who’s Who of iconic artists including his hero, the aforementioned Tony Rice, J.D. Crowe, Kitty Wells, Don Rigsby, Art Stamper, Ernie Thacker, Dave Evans, and many more. On 2014’s highly acclaimed Hardest Kind Of Memories, his first full-length release of mostly mainstream contemporary bluegrass, he worked with top grassers Scott Vestal (banjo), Randy Kohrs (dobro), and Luke Bulla (fiddle), while 2018’s Time That I Was Leavin’ saw him sharing the studio with Sammy Shelor, Carl Jackson, and Forrest O’Connor. "When I listened to the song we recorded.... it was one of the few times that I missed my voice."  - Tony Rice commenting on the track ‘I Long For Seventeen’ from 2014’s Hardest Kind Of Memories
Seeing himself more as a storyteller who happens to play an instrument and with chops to rival anyone, Adams proves worthy of the praise he receives each time he graces a stage with his virtuosic, melodic, and lightning-speed guitar playing and deep, rich country voice.

STAATS (Johnny): “I am not an expert on the mandolin, nor would I claim to be.  However, for twenty-five years, I've had the privilege to stand on stage with one of the world's renowned masters. I've also performed with Jethro Burns, Bill Monroe, David Grisman, Ricky Skaggs, and others. So, I think it's safe to say that at least by now I know when somebody "has it." Johnny Staats definitely "has it."” – John Cowan     A multi-award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Johnny Staats established his musical dominance throughout the latter half of the 1990s thanks to a string of wins at the prestigious Vandalia Gathering Mandolin championships in his home state of West Virginia. A major label recording career followed, somehow facilitated around his day-to-day commitments as a UPS package delivery driver. The first release from the “mandolin-playing UPS driver”, 2000’s Wires and Wood, a set consisting primarily of Staats’s original music collaborating with such luminaries as Sam Bush, Scott Vestal, Jerry Douglas, John Cowan, Jim Hurst, and Tim O’Brien, quickly became the talk of Music City & garnered him international acclaim by demonstrating to a new and varied worldwide following Johnny’s vocals, astonishing guitar and mandolin speed, and creativity.

“In his hands, the mandolin soars and glides, pops and hisses, astounds and amazes. The school of Bill, Sam, and Dawg has a new honors graduate.” – Tim O’Brien  

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Chloë Agnew | Rescheduled Date To Be Confirmed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Chloe Agnew in Concert has been postponed until later in December.  Date to be confirmed.  All ticket holders have been notified and have been offered a refund or their tickets will be valid for our new date.

Chloë Agnew is an internationally renowned singer who shot to fame for her integral part as the youngest and one of the original members of the world-famous music group ‘Celtic Woman’ which she joined when she was just 14. Born in Dublin, Ireland to entertainer Adéle "Twink" King and Irish oboist David Agnew, Chloë began professionally acting, singing and dancing at a very early age, making first television appearance on her mother's TV program at just four weeks old, and her first singing début on National Television at the age of 6.

In 1998 Chloë had won the Grand Prix at the First International Children's Song Competition in Cairo, Egypt, where she represented Ireland. She made her PBS début in 1999 as part of Handel's Messiah performing alongside the legendary Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Roger Daltrey and Aidan Quinn. In 2004 Chloë had just finished recording her second solo album when she was cast as one of the original soloists for the Celtic Woman.

To date Chloë is featured on a total of 14 of Celtic Woman’s albums, recording songs in English, Irish, Latin, Japanese, Italian and German on their various albums, which have sold more than eight million copies worldwide, and all of which have debuted at #1 on Billboard's World Music chart.  She has performed with Celtic Woman on hit US TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Regis and Kelly, The Today Show and Good Morning America and many more. In 2013 Chloë made a guest appearance on the hugely successful show ‘Bold and the Beautiful’

Chloë had the incredible honor of performing three consecutive US Presidents (Clinton, Bush and Obama) before she turned 20, and has collaborated with amazing artists such as Chris De Burgh, Anne Murray, Selim Kagee and PS22 Chorus to name but a few. As a solo artist Chloë teamed up with renowned Italian tenor, Alessandro Rinella and Warner Chapel Music Producer Leo Z on the song "L'Assenza". In 2012 she was named Best Female Vocalist at the Irish Music Awards.

Chloë performed with Celtic Woman for almost a decade before moving on to pursue a solo career in 2013. The past 6 years have been busy for the singer; performing at Croke Park’s Stars, Choirs and Carols Guinness Book of Records concert to crowd of 15,000; singing in front of 20,000 strong audience and alongside 2,000 mass pipe and drum musicians at the international Military Tattoo festival in Basel, Switzerland and the Cape Town Military Tattoo; onstage with longtime Celtic Woman colleague Lisa Kelly and esteemed Irish tenors Paul Byrom, Emmet Cahill and Emmett O’ Hanlon (former members of Celtic Thunder) and with Grammy and Emmy nominee and voice of Riverdance Michael Londra at The Fred Amphitheatre in Georgia.

Chloë performed at the prestigious Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and collaborated with Emmy award-winning tenor Eamonn McCrystal on his album And So It Goes in a duet with the legendary Rita Wilson. 

Chloë’s début solo single ‘Love is Christmas’, entered the Top 10 in the iTunes music charts. She followed this with her début solo EP The Thing About You in 2018. Produced by Joshua Spacht and Brian Hitt, the EP features 5 tracks, four of which she wrote herself. Recorded between studios in Nashville, TN and Hollywood, CA, Chloë’s new musical style is unlike anything fans have heard before from this talented Irish songbird.

Updated September 19 2019.

September 27 2019 | Ciarán Olohan and Annaliesa Evans

Ciarán is from County Wicklow, Ireland and trained in Dublin under the tutelage of Philip O’Reilly at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

This year, after performing Off Broadway as a Lead Vocalist and musician in ‘Celtic Nights – Oceans of Hope’, Ciarán went on to perform in a Nationwide tour of China as the Lead Vocalist and musician in the highly acclaimed Irish Dance extravaganza, Gaelforce Dance.

Opera: Lucia di Lamamoor, Don Giovanni, Il Trovatore, The Alma Fetish and Eithne (all at the National Concert Hall, Dublin). The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny (Olympia Theatre – Sky Arts, Opera Theatre Company and Rough Magic Theatre Company). Tristan und Isolde (Boird Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin – Wide Open Opera).

Light Opera: Samuel – The Pirates of Penzance, The Mikado – The Mikado, Poo Bah – The Mikado (all at the NCH – Dublin). Don Alhambra of Spain – The Gondoliers (Gaiety Theatre, Dublin).  Pish Tush – The Mikado (International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival – Buxton, Manchester, Lyric Opera).

Musical Theatre: Harry the Horse – Guys and Dolls (NCH, Dublin), The Kralahome – The King and I (NCH, Dublin), Judd Fry – Oklahoma! (NCH, Dublin). Enoch Snow – Carousel (NCH, Dublin)

Vocalist – A Musical Christmas (West Germany Tour 2016), Vocalist – The World of Musicals (Australia Nationwide Tour 2017) and Vocalist – A Musical Christmas (German Nationwide Tour 2017 and 2018).

Appearing as a soloist alongside the RTE Concert Orchestra Ciarán has sung in such titles as One Enchanted Evening – The Songs of Rogers and HammersteinBroadway BestHear Our Songs, Let’s Celebrate the Magic of the Musicals.

Theatre: Vocalist and Musician- Celtic Nights Spirit of Freedom (Olympia Theatre Dublin 2016), Vocalist and Musician- Celtic Nights Oceans of Hope (Sheen Centre, Off Broadway, New York City 2018)

International Tours: Vocalist and Musician – Celtic Nights Spirit of Freedom (America and Canada Nationwide Tour 2016),

Vocalist and Musician – Dance Masters (Germany Tour 2017), Lead Vocalist and Musician – Gaelforce Dance (China Nationwide Tour 2017). Musician and Vocalist – Dance Masters (Germany Tour 2018),

Vocalist and Musician- Celtic Nights Oceans of Hope (America Nationwide Tour 2018), Lead Vocalist and Musician- Gaelforce Dance (China Tour 2018).

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November 7 2019 | Searson (from Canada) Irish Tour '19

For over a decade now, Searson has toured the world with their unique blend of high energy fiddling, passionate vocals and intricate step dancing.  At the core of Searson, are Colleen and Erin Searson, two sisters who hail from the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada.  Their spirited live shows feature Colleen on fiddle and Erin on piano & tenor guitar, interspersed with the incomparably rich sounds of sibling vocal harmonies, and both sisters “pounding the boards" with Ottawa Valley step dancing.  Their talents are complimented by Kian Byrne, a multi-instrumentalist (acoustic & electric guitars, bass, mandolin, fiddle, percussion) and singer songwriter from Kansas City.  Formerly a member of The Elders, and heavily influenced by Celtic, reggae, soul and funk music, Kian rounds out the band in a way that makes it sound bigger than your typical trio, and more eclectic than words can express.  Together, this talented trio performs sets that feature their original style of “Canadian Celtic Pop”, which includes a mix of traditional and original instrumental and vocal selections.

Colleen and Erin have been immersed in the Ottawa Valley music tradition their entire lives.  Erin trained classically through the Royal Conservatory of music in piano beginning at age 4.  Colleen has been studying violin and fiddle methods from many styles around the world since age 9, and both sisters began step dance lessons before their 9th birthdays.  They began performing locally and competing at step dance and fiddle contests throughout Ontario as children, which gave them the invaluable experience they needed to become accomplished performers and musicians.  “The most satisfying part of performing live is seeing our fans singing along to songs that we’ve written and requesting fiddle tunes that we wrote,” Erin says, and Colleen chimes in, “absolutely, there’s nothing better than seeing the audience emotionally involved in your live show.”

Like their live shows, Searson’s recordings reflect their eclectic tastes, while maintaining strong roots in the tradition they grew up in.  In 2017 they released, Homegrown, to honour their Canadian heritage and to celebrate Canada’s 150 years since Confederation by featuring songs by Canadian artists, songwriters (Bryan Adams, Neil Young, Chantal Kreviazuk, Robbie Robertson), and instrumentalists (Natalie MacMaster, Denis Lanctot) who have influenced Searson in meaningful ways.  

This year, Searson will release their milestone tenth full length album, as well as their first live performance DVD.  Both recordings document their performance in front of a live Ottawa Valley audience at the historical Neat Coffee Shop in Burnstown, Ontario.  There is little overlap in musical selections between the full length audio CD and 60 minute live performance DVD from this celebration concert, and the DVD also includes “behind the scenes” clips and interviews with the band.

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December 6 2019 | Leslie Dowdall with Mike Hanrahan

Leslie Dowdall and Mike Hanrahan are back writing new songs for a series of gigs in 2019, as part of their “Heart of Gold” tour. A visit to the recording studio is planned later this summer. The gigs will feature Leslie on vocals, keyboard and acoustic guitar; with Mike on guitars and vocal. The show includes new songs and some interesting interpretations of works from artists as diverse as Nick Cave, Antony and the Johnsons and Jefferson Airplane, along with a few recognisable hits from In Tua Nua and Stockton's Wing.

Leslie is one of Ireland's leading female vocalists and singer songwriters, first coming to prominence with In Tua Nua, a 7-piece outfit fusing celtic tradition with rock. With Leslie as lead vocalist, In Tua Nua recorded four albums; and over a successful seven-year period they played and toured with bands such as U2, Simple Minds, Bob Dylan, and The Pretenders. Leslie also enjoyed some success as a solo artist in her own right and recorded two albums, "No Guilt No Guile" and "Out There". She was voted Best Female Artist at the Heineken Hot Press Awards in 1997. She has recorded and performed with Paul Brady and collaborated with Ronan Hardiman on many recording projects.

Songwriter and guitarist Mike Hanrahan began his professional career with Maura O’Connell in a duo called Tumbleweed, touring the Irish Folk circuit and appearing at the first Lisdoonvarna Music Festival in Clare. He joined Stockton's Wing in April 1980 and toured extensively throughout the world, writing all songs for Stockton's Wing including those from their ground breaking and critically acclaimed album “Light in the Western Sky” which featured hit songs “Beautiful Affair” and “Walk Away”. “Beautiful Affair” has since been voted into the Top 75 Irish Songs,  in the history of RTE radio and Number 7 in a Today FM 25 year poll. He has produced for Ronnie Drew and Eleanor Shanley along with two solo projects "Someone Like You" and "What You Know".

The Asgard Theatre is delighted to host two of Ireland’s finest performers, to an intimate venue as ours undoubtedly is.

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Posted August 1, 2019.

November 23 2019 | Honor Heffernan & Trevor Knight: The Whistling Girl

The release of the album “The Whistling Girl” was the culmination of two and a half years work between acclaimed Irish duo of singer / actress Honor Heffernan and composer/ keyboard player Trevor Knight (Auto Da Fe), who composed the music on the album using the words of the famous American wit, writer and human rights campaigner Dorothy Parker. Trevor first conceived the idea of using the poetry of Dorothy Parker over twenty years ago being a big fan of her work. It was only when he met Honor Heffernan that the spark of a possibility of putting a show together formed.

After a successful Arts Council funded tour in Sept /October 2017 and then a sold-out run at the Irish Arts Centre in New York in November they released their album in the Button Factory in Dublin that year. They have also played to packed houses in Belgrade (Belgrade Irish Festival), Cork Jazz festival and Belfast Cathedral Quarter Festival.

 “The Whistling Girl” will be presented in a Cabaret/Speakeasy-style, with the original and unique music composed by Trevor transforming the poems of Dorothy Parker into songs, using her witty, droll and sometimes heart rending lyrics.

Each of the songs create individual tableaux or dream moments from Parker’s psyche, conjuring up images from her tempestuous life of outrageous celebrity, as founding member of the notorious Algonquin set in New York, and as civil rights activist in America and Spain during the Spanish Civil War. We also use an underscored segment of her writing about her time in Madrid during the Civil War as part of the show.

With a lineup of highly renowned Irish musicians the atmosphere for a spellbinding evening of music with a theatrical element is brought to life with Garvan Gallagher (bass), Ed Deane (electric guitar), and Tom Jamieson (drums).

The Asgard Theatre are delighted to welcome Honor Heffernan and Trevor Knight to Arklow in November, for what promises to be a spectacular evening in the theatre on Saturday, November 23.

The concert commences at 8pm, and tickets priced at €25.

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 “I shall stay the way I am, because I do not give a damn!”

(Dorothy Parker)


Posted July 29, 2019.

November 30 2019 | Aoife Scott

Following her successful summer touring the U.S, Aoife Scott returns home to launch the brand new single from her new album “Homebird”. Produced by 12 time Grammy Award winner, banjo and guitar virtuoso Ron Block (Alison Krauss & Union Station, “Oh Brother Where art thou”), her second album release is much anticipated in the world of folk and roots music. Recorded in Nashville and Dublin, “Homebird” is an impressive collaboration featuring the cream of Irish folk musicians (including the Black Family on backing vocals) and award winning bluegrass musicians (Sierra Hull, Stuart Duncan & Ron Block).

It is in many ways a turnaround in her musical legacy. Born into the legendary Black Family, Aoife is steadily rising to the top of the traditional and folk music scene, and has long enjoyed success as an established artist in her own right. Fragile and ethereal one minute and strong and vibrant the next, her dynamic and profound vocals explore the emotional depths of her lyrics, leaving the audience entranced. Aoife has a unique sound; her music has a broad creative scope but is largely influenced by her own roots in folk and traditional Irish music. Recent accolades include being named Best Folk Act at the Irish Post Music Awards (IRE), beating stiff competition in the category with the legendary Christy Moore.

“A fiery passionate young talent springing from a fine musical family.” - Hot Press

“An important instalment in the legacy of traditional Irish music” - Irish Echo

She also claimed the award of Emerging Artist of the Year at the Live Ireland Awards (US) in June 2018. In 2019, her most recent song “The December Letter” won Single of the Year at the ALSR Celtic Music Awards (US) and was the most played Christmas song on RTE Radio 1 for December 2018.

Her career successes have seen Aoife and her cousins, Róisín O & Danny O’Reilly from The Coronas, release their single “Grace” which hit straight into the number 1 slot on iTunes in Ireland. This performance gained half a million views on YouTube with their performance from Kilmainham Gaol as part of Centenary on RTE 1.

Aoife’s single “All Along the Wild Atlantic Way” also hit the number 1 slot, knocking Ed Sheeran off the top spot and was named “Song of the Year” at the Irish Folk Music Awards in 2017.

Aoife releases her first single from the upcoming album this October with an Irish Tour, and full album release of her album “Homebird” is due in January 2020.

“Scott may only just have released her critically acclaimed first album, but her voice has a maturity that is reminiscent of both the English singer, Kate Rusby and Scotland’s own beloved Eddi Reader” –

“This Irish singer stands out for her beautiful crystal clear warm vocals. Stylistically she successfully bridges Irish trad, contemporary singer songwriter and Pop.” - Folk World

“Folk singer-songwriter Aoife Scott has an indefinable quality to her luscious voice that simply compels you to listen ... and once you listen to one song the rapture is complete, you’re hooked.” - Folk Word

“Aoife Scott on lead vocals has a hauntingly beautiful voice” -

The concert commences at 8pm, and tickets priced at €20. 

Tickets can be purchased now - click HERE, to go to the website of our ONLINE BOOKING partner,

Posted July 24, 2019.

October 17 2019 | Two Divas And A Piano: Love Bites

Flo McSweeney has worked in the entertainment business for over 35 years.  As a singer she has toured extensively with Moving Hearts and The Commitments, including performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland; she has worked on many projects with Bill Whelan of Riverdance fame, including the Yeats/Beckett Festival at the Abbey Theatre for five years and An Evening with W.B. Yeats at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, in September 2015; and she is a regular guest vocalist with the 17-piece Hot House Big Band.  Her stunning new album, Picture in a Frame, was released in March 2019.

Carmel McCreagh hails from Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, but now lives in Wicklow.  For 20 years she has been writing and performing with Fiachra Trench. She has appeared at festivals and venues throughout Ireland, entertaining audiences with her soulful interpretations of songs from the Great American Songbook as well as contemporary and original songs.  She has released three albums: Nice Girl (2007), Skylark: Carmel McCreagh Sings the Songs of Johnny Mercer (2013) and 13 Stories (2018), all of which have been critically acclaimed.

Fiachra Trench is a composer, producer and keyboardist, but is probably best known as an orchestral arranger for rock, jazz, pop and folk artists. His arrangement credits include: Altan, The Boomtown Rats, Paul Brady, The Hugh Buckley Quintet with Cello Ireland, The Chieftains, Clannad, The Corrs, Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy, Paul McCartney/Wings, Van Morrison, The Pogues and Wet Wet Wet. Fiachra’s scores for film and television include: A Love Divided, The Boys and Girl from County Clare (IFTA Nomination 2006), Dear Sarah and the BBC series People’s Century, and he collaborated on Pearl Harbor, Die Hard and Into the West. 

Songwriters featured include Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer, Billie Holiday, Jacques Brel, Carole King, Lieber and Stoller, Stephen Sondheim, Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Melody Gardot, Tow Waits and Leonard Cohen.

The Asgard Theatre are delighted to welcome Two Divas And A Piano to Arklow in October, for what promises to be a spectacular evening in the theatre on Thursday, October 17.

The concert commences at 8pm, and tickets priced at €20. 

Tickets can be purchased now - click HERE, to go to the website of our ONLINE BOOKING partner,

October 5 2019 | Passión - In Concert

PASSIÓN brings together three of Ireland’s most renowned and entertaining performers - Anthony Norton (The Three Irish Tenors, La Scala, Opera Ireland), Patrick Collins (of the well loved Café Orchestra) and Drazan Derek (virtuosic guitarist with the Café Orchestra and The Chieftains).

Together they deliver an exciting and passionate musical celebration of songs from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina and other continental favourites.  Their dynamic performances are vibrant, atmospheric and engaging, promising high calibre entertainment and an event to remember.

Anthony is one of Ireland's most accomplished and versatile lyric tenors.  As a solo artist and as one of the internationally acclaimed Three Irish Tenors he has toured America, Canada, Europe and as far afield as India, Taiwan, Japan and the Caribbean.  He studied singing, piano, ‘cello and conducting at Trinity college of Music London before embarking on a career as a singer.  He began his career with The Scottish Opera before moving to Teatro La Scala Di Milano, where he was resident for a number of years.  His work as a soloist in opera, concert, oratorio and musical theatre has seen him perform in venues from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden to Carnegie Hall and Broadway.  At home in Ireland he has performed with every major orchestra and ensemble, including RTE Symphony and Concert Orchestras, Opera Ireland, Wexford Festival Opera and numerous concert appearances with some of Ireland's leading chamber musicians.  Further to the operatic and classical repertoires he sings with the ensemble Passión who have notable success performing songs from French Cabaret, Tango and popular songs from Spain, Italy and South America.


Patrick Collins founded Café Orchestra in the nineties.  An Irish Band with an International agenda, they quickly became popular for their eclectic style and as purveyors of fine ambience and with a reputation for being one of the best live acts in Ireland.

Both Patrick Collins and Drazan Derek have made many appearances on television with Café Orchestra (The Late Late Show first brought them to the attention of the Irish public).  The ensemble has toured extensively and has been a favourite for special occasions in the entertainment and business world.

Patrick Collins and Drazan Derek now bring the same versatility, talented musicianship and entertainment value to PASSIÓN.

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Posted July 19, 2019.

October 11 2019 | Chris Currid


Chris trained with Bull Alley Theatre in Dublin and has played many leading roles with many musical societies and companies across the country.  He has received 7 AIMS nominations, winning Best Male Singer in 2018 when playing Judas in Avonmore Musical Society’s production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”.  His most recent portrayal of Michael Collins in Oyster Lane Theatre’s production of the same name earned Chris another nomination this year.  He has also toured in Europe with the Rock Tenors.

Chris is a vocal coach and performance art teacher, working nationwide with groups and one-to-one tuition.  Alongside his wife, Roisin, he is set to open the Currid School of Performing Arts in Courtown this coming September.

He is thrilled and excited to be playing his first solo concert in the Asgard Theatre, and will be accompanied on the evening with a special guest appearance from Amy Penston.  Members of the Currid School of Performing Arts will also entertain, accompanied by Conor McCarthy.

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Posted June 24 2019.

Bookings & Contact

The Asgard Theatre is now open for business!

It is a unique, charming venue with a fabulous sound system.

We are located above Kenny's of the Harbour Bar, Lower Main Street in Arklow.

35 Lower Main Street Y14K7W8

To book the theatre call Colm at 087 2020603 or Yvonne at 086 8674511.

Alternatively, you can email

The Asgard Theatre receives very little funding, so relies almost wholly on a core professionalism to nurture, develop and promote as best we can our artistic ambitions.  ( >>> And donations!<<<)

We dare to dream, and firmly believe that we can develop our unique performance space into a venue loved by both performer and  audience alike!

Spread the word, the Asgard is open!



May 5 2019 | Opening Weekend Concludes

Sunday evening’s concert started once more with our master of ceremonies Mr. Jim Furlong  welcoming all to the theatre, and then inviting James Kearon to once again bring life to the words of Michael Fitzgerald's poem, “Asgard II”.

Cruinniú set the tone for the evening with a gorgeous selection of songs.  Classical guitarist Michael Stedman indulged the audience with sounds more commonly found on the Iberian Peninsula before Sara Clancy hit the heights, accompanied on harp by Hilda Browne.  Avonmore Musical Society took centre stage, with Jennifer Lee’s delicious version of “If I Loved You”, from ‘Carousel’.  Members of the cast from their recent production, “9 to 5 The Musical” then performed a number of songs from the show.  Denis New again opened the second half of the show, followed by Patrick Bracken’s nautical “Somewhere Beyond The Sea”.  Youth very firmly took centre stage with both Caoimhe Ní Chonchúir and Sean Fox performing excellent self-penned numbers with a confidence belying their youthfulness.  Eimear Harper, another immensely talented name for the future, performing alongside her father, Fran, opted also for a song she wrote, and the ringing endorsement all three youngsters received spoke volumes.  Percussionist Tony Byrne showcased his many talents with a display of instruments and sounds.  The Harper Family filled the air with an array of marvellous traditional Irish music, again most of it self-penned, and the evening was rounded off with a superb display from the Breda O’Connor School of Irish Dancing.

AMA chairperson Yvonne Kenny enthused after an immensely successful opening weekend, “we would have loved to have invited more people to the Asgard, such was the interest and the demand for tickets.”  She added, “It has been a wonderful weekend for music in Arklow with the opening of the theatre, even though we only showcased a small percentage of the talent that thrives here in the town.  I cannot thank enough all those people who have supported us this far, particularly those who sent us cards, flowers, and donations.  I also want to thank Declan and Liz from The Harbour Bar, who answered our call and supported us when we first asked the community for a performance space.  As someone once said, ‘if you build it, they will come…’  In the weeks ahead, we hope to show as many people around the theatre, and have already taken some bookings.  They can find us on Facebook or through our website at”

Check out our gallery page for some images of a very memorable weekend at The Asgard Theatre.

Posted May 7 2019

May 4 2019 | The Asgard's Maiden Voyage!

It was upon the back of a trailer on a then chilly May bank holiday weekend in 2015 that Arklow Music and Arts first emerged, a concert showcasing just some of the talent in the community.  Four years on, countless hours spent fundraising, begging, borrowing, recycling old into renewed, the May bank holiday weekend in 2019 was one of celebration, and a landmark arrival as AMA proudly opened The Asgard Theatre, Arklow’s first black box style performance space above Kenny’s Of The Harbour public house on Arklow’s Lower Main Street.

Due to the unique intimacy of the venue, the opening weekend celebrations were spread over three evenings, with a traditional Irish music evening opening proceedings on Friday evening.  The official opening of The Asgard Theatre was performed on Saturday evening, with the red carpet rolled out and the glitz and glamour of just some of Arklow’s finest talents performing.

Our Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Mr. Jim Furlong, then invited Fr. Michael Murtagh to perform a blessing upon the theatre, followed by James Kearon with a powerful rendition of “Asgard II”, a wonderful poem penned by local historian, Michael Fitzgerald, setting a high bar for the rest of the evening.  Stunning performances flowed continuously with an enthusiastic audience loving the new surroundings and a state of the art sound system earning the plaudits and approval of all, as Avril O’Toole, Eoin Hayden, Karla Tracey and Denise Brennan filled the theatre with some beautiful sounds.  The youth of today, our stars of tomorrow, were represented with Bri-Elle Finn and Fionn Vigors showcasing their talents, while the somewhat more experienced duo of John Bonner and Georgie Byrne combined to perform a delightful jazz number.  A moment’s poignancy followed with Ború’s Tommy Breen dedicating his and John Nolan’s stunning delivery of “The Lonesome Boatman” to the late Johnny Byrne, and John Hogan Junior, former colleagues.  Masters of their craft, we were indulged with the talents of Denis New opening the second half of the show with his pipes, and All Ireland champion harmonica player Denis Nolan.  Patricia Graham’s mandolin was beautifully accompanied by John Nolan, whose gift and guile with a guitar is always a wonder to behold.  Niamh O’Connor’s violin took the audience on a nautical route, with a beautiful playing of the theme from “The Onedin Line”.  Kiera Broe was enthralling with a dance improvisation routine, and we were also treated to some gorgeous big sounds from Naoimh Penston, Zena Donnelly, and Leslie Dowdall.  Saturday’s landmark concert concluded with a repertoire of tunes from the Arklow Silver Band, bringing the audience to their feet.

Check out our gallery page for some images of a very memorable weekend at The Asgard Theatre.


Posted May 6 2019.