What's Going On In Arklow?

Arklow Music and Arts wants YOU!

If you are involved with anything to do with music and the arts; and have an event upcoming - GET IN TOUCH, and we will list it here.

In a band, playing a few gigs over the week or weekend?  GET IN TOUCH, we'll list it here!

In fact, we want ALL groups who fit comfortable under that umbrella marked "Music AND Arts" to keep in touch and through our website here keep your prospective audience informed.

It's worth noting, not everyone is on Facebook!  We're here!  USE US!

We want our website to become the home of all things musical and artistic in the Arklow area, to highlight what's going on.  Let the people know what you are doing!

Have an event upcoming?  You know now where to advertise it!

GET IN TOUCH! Email colmkavanagh1967@gmail.com or contact Arklow Music and Arts here.


Posted August 17, 2018.